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  3. Contact

    Contacting Fuchs China

    We love to hear from our current and future customers!  To contact a member of our sales, technical or service teams, please view the contact information listed below. Together, let’s achieve  The Taste of Success!

    Mail/Delivery Address

    Fuchs China foodstuffs Co., Ltd

    Jingzhi Town, Anqiu City, Shandong, 262119, China
    Phone:  +86 (0)536 4602144
    Fax:  +86 (0)536 4614669

    Sales and application center

    #1105, Floor 11, Building A, South Area, E Link World, No. 685 Huaxu Road, Shanghai, 201700, China

    Phone:  +86 (0)21 39885092

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    Fuchs China Co.,LTD.

    ADD:Jingzhi Anqiu, Weifang Shandong China. Tel:+86 (0)536 4602144

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